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17 September 2030 @ 03:29 pm
Master Fic List  
This will be stuck up here for quite a while, so if you need to find a fic of mine, chances are that it can be found here. Enjoy! :)

Big Time Rush

Take What Comes And Keep On Going (Five Things That Never Happened, And One That Did) (James/Carlos, Kendall/Logan, PG-13) "We have to meet. It's like... Like destiny, or fate. Or some crap like that." Five things that never happened to James and Carlos, and one thing that did.

We're All Winners In the End (But Only Some of Us Get Trophies) (Jo/Camille, James/Carlos, PG-13) Camille is nominated for an Academy Award. So is Jo. They really don't expect to see each other on the red carpet.

Viva la Vida (Never an Honest Word) (brief Mercedes/OMC, PG) She knows that she isn't quite like everyone else.  She wasn't raised to be like everyone else.

(Remember) To Let Her Into Your Heart (Logan/girl!Kendall, James/Carlos, PG) Kendall Knight: girl next door.  Logan Mitchell: hopeless nerd.  It's a terrible cliche, honestly.  But sometimes, things just turn out that way.

if home is where the heart is, we're definitely there (OT4-friendship!boys, PG) When Logan's dad gets a job offer at a hospital in San Diego, Kendall, James, and Carlos do everything it takes to help him stay in Minnesota.

in which there are jennifers, megaphones, and occasional broken hearts (James/Carlos, PG-13) James says something Carlos doesn't know how to deal with, so he goes back to the Jennifers. James is desperate to get him back: so desperate that he's even willing to take part in drastic measures. Very drastic measures. Misunderstandings and hilarity ensue.

so take to the streets (with apocalypse refrain) (James/Carlos, implied Kendall/Logan, R) What do you do when you've lost almost everyone you've ever known? What about when they're still there, but... They aren't themselves? And what do you do when the world is truly against you?

so it's summer, so it's suicide (Jo/Camille, somewhere between PG-13 and R) You're in a car with a beautiful girl, and she won't tell you that she loves you, and you don't know why.

Ain't It a Fine Life (Gotta Be Either Dead or Dreaming) (Kendall/Logan, James/Carlos, eventual Jo/Camille, PG-13) In 1899, the newsies go on strike. In 1899, Kendall Knight meets Logan Mitchell. In 1899, everything changes. [Newsies!AU]
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Mean Boys Logan Mitchell, homeschooled in Africa until the age of sixteen, is suddenly thrust into the jungle that is public high school. And when he tries to find his place, he realizes that fitting in is a little harder than he thought. Okay, fine, a lot harder. [MeanGirls!AU]
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Turn Your Whole World Around Four skateboarders from Wisconsin have the chance to make it big time with washed-up megaproducer Gustavo Roque.  But moving to LA to be a boy band with three guys he hardly even knows isn't exactly what Curt Caffrey has in mind for his life.
Chapter 1

Young Justice

a little more thunder, a little more lightning (a little more you) (Dick/Wally, R) Most people don't get a final chance to say goodbye. Robin is just lucky.


Shawn Spencer and the Deathly Hallows (Shawn/Juliet, PG) Shawn and Gus go to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. Gus is irritated. Jules is sympathetic. Lassie is not crying. And Shawn? Isn't taking it very well.

Harry Potter

by no means perfect (five things hermione may or may not hate about ron) (Ron/Hermione, ridiculous codependent Harry/Ron friendship, PG) Five times Hermione questions her decision to marry Ron (except not really at all).



Social Casualty (Dustin/Kendall, Dustin/Devon, PG-13) Dustin had never been the type for romance. He had always sworn that he would die alone, because sex wasn't worth anybody's time if you had to go through all the love crap to get to it. Sometimes, that didn't work out too well for him.


In Which David Is A Burgeoning Alcoholic And Gregg Is Infinitely Concerned (David/Gregg, PG-13) David is drunk on set (again) and, well, he's not really good at keeping secrets. Especially his own.

In Which David Tries Really Hard To Be Suave And Gregg Never Gets Any Sleep, Ever (David/Gregg, PG) David wants to go for a walk. To the park. At one in the morning. Obviously.
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